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What is hot stamping pen?

3062 Published by admin 07 27,2018

A-HOT hot stamping pen is a DIY tool in battery craft tool.

Hot Stamping Pen

Writing out gilded messages easily with just a metallic sheet and Hot stamping pen! Simply place the foil over the top of your cards or paper then you can start writing!

Hot stamping pen and foil is a battery operated (with 3 AA battery), and comes with a variety colors of small sheets of foil. When switched on, the nib of these pens will heat up. When pressed onto the foil, Hot stamping pen will transfer the foil to the surface.

Hot Stamping Pen Manufacturer

Due to the batteries, A-HOT lettering hot stamping pen is much heavier than a regular pen. The nibs are rounded at the end, so on softer materials  (including paper) lines are a little thick, but can be thinner on hard surfaces. We also have five tips with different size to make different effect, such as 2 mm (standard tip), 3 mm, 1 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.3 mm.

Hot Stamping Pen Distributor

It’s not only can be used card or pepper, but also in leather and plastic though. With a thick tip for coverage use, hot stamping pen can create beautiful foil trims for your scrapbooks, cards and tags. By the way, leather the softness of the material means that the lines are very thick and unrefined, although the foil transferred really well.

Hot Stamping Pen Factory   

A-HOT battery hot stamping pen is a high quality and cordless for convenience. A-HOT craft hot stamping pen absolutely is your best choice in battery DIY craft tool. 

●Available color: Pink, Blue. 

Packing: Standard package, Customized package.

Hot Stamping Pen Exporter   Hot Stamping Pen Manufactory  

Hot stamping pen blue

Please see our A-HOT hot stamping pen for more product details : http://hlen.szbaiila.com/battery-operated-tools/Hot-Stamping-Pen.html

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